ONLINE WORKSHOP: The Perfect Newborn

The Perfect Newborn Online Workshop

Like many photographers you’ve longed to travel to an exotic location and take a multi day workshop with a fantastic newborn photographer.  But if you’re like most, your reality includes a busy life, a job outside of photography and a family.  For a lot of us it’s not always feasible schedule and budget wise to travel away from home for education.  If you’re ready to take your newborn business to the next level, are eager for education but finances and timing are holding you back… The Perfect Newborn Online Workshop is your answer!  The complete collection is the whole she-bang, it includes every fantastic product that we’ve created, plus access to our private The Perfect Newborn Facebook Group.  In the group you will have an opportunity to join a community of other like minded photographers that have the same goals as you.  Bounce ideas off eachother and post questions for the group and Erin to answer.  It’s the Perfect Workshop right from the comfort of your home!

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The Business Collection – $249

The Posing Collection – $295

The Complete Collection – $395