All of our most frequently asked questions are posted below.  Don’t see your question?  Shoot us an email through the contact form, and we’ll add it to the list!


How do I book a session?

– Once you’ve settled on a session type, date and time, Erin will provide you with the password to complete your session contract.  You can go to the “Client Lounge” to access the contract.  A paid session fee along with a signed contract officially reserve your session date and time on the calendar.  We will pencil you in the calendar for a 24 hour period while you take the opportunity to pay your session fee and complete your contract.  After 24 hours your spot on the calendar will be made available for general requests.


When Should I schedule my maternity session ?

Maternity sessions are best photographed in weeks 28-32.  Ideally you should be visibly pregnant, but don’t wait until you are ready to burst at the seams and uncomfortable.


Can my husband and children be in my maternity images?

– Yes.  We encourage a maternity session to be a family event, after all, it’s about growing your family!  There’s no extra charge to have your hubby or children in the images with you.  However, our studio is small, so if you have multiple children you’d like to include, a location session may be the best option.


When is the best time to schedule a newborn session?

– We recommend scheduling your newborn session during your 3rd trimester.  We only accept 2 newborn bookings per week.  When you book, you go on our schedule on your due date.  Give us a call when you deliver, and we’ll work to schedule the specific date of your sessions.  The ideal window for newborn portraits is 5-12 days.  Many women contact us after their baby is already born with an inquiry for birth photography, and we often aren’t able to to accommodate their request because we are booked with clients that contacted us earlier.  Don’t wait!


Will my baby really sleep during the newborn session?

– Having your newborn session photographed during that 5-12 day period is very helpful in making the session go smoothly, keeping your baby asleep, and getting them into all of those adorable poses.  With that being said, most newborns are wakeful during their sessions and require A LOT of feeding, cleaning, and comforting to get the results we get.  Relax!  Erin is a professional, and has gotten fantastic results with every baby she photographs.  Many of our clients express that they were surprised at the fantastic results we were able to achieve, because they felt like their baby didn’t cooperate at all!


How long will it be before I can view my session images?

– You will have the opportunity to view and select your session images immediately following your session.  Please plan an additional hour beyond your session time and have all decision makers presents.  Each session includes 5 high resolution digital files.  You can choose to add additional files to your session at your discretion for an additional fee.  Please inquire for pricing.



I’m concerned I won’t be able to make a decision at my ordering appointment, can I have more time?

– We’ve found through experience that for 90% of clients, their initial response to an image is the right one.  We have confidence in you!  The most important part of decision making is to bring anyone that should be involved in making the decision.  That way everyone will be able to discuss their image preferences, what products they prefer and be comfortable with purchase decisions. The images you select will be fully retouched, all other session images will be discarded after your ordering appointment.



How long will you keep my images?

– We are able to guarantee images you select are kept for a 1 year period after your session is photographed.  We have numerous clients, and space and time is of the essence.  To guarantee you and our other clients the very best service and expedited order delivery, we will purge all files from sessions that have not been ordered following your ordering appointment.


How long does it take to get my order after it’s placed?

– We guarantee that all digital files will be delivered within 2 weeks of your session.  However, we are often able to complete your order sooner. 


How do I pay for my session fee?

– A $100 deposit is due at the time you complete your session contract in order to be booked on the LBV Baby calendar.  For your convenience, our “Client Lounge” has a “Make Payment” button.  You can make payments toward your session fee at any point leading up to your session, whether 1 payment or 20.  The balance of your session fee is due 48 hours prior to your session.  If you have not paid the remainder of your session fee at this time, Erin will send you a paypal invoice along with your session reminder to complete payment for your scheduled session.  If you are unable to pay your session balance at this time, please bring cash or check to your session to pay your session fee balance.  If your session fee balance is not paid by the time of your session your session will be considered cancelled without adequate notice and the deposit will be forfeited.  


What is included for my session fee?

– All session fees include, a pre-session consultation, the photographers time and talent to photograph on the session date, and 5 fully retouched high resolution digital files with print release delivered via digital download.  Additional files may be purchased a la carte at your discretion.


I love the Cake Smash Sessions, what’s included?

– We typically photograph cake smash sessions around a little one’s first birthday. We begin the session with a typical 1st year portrait session, ending with the cake smash.  We encourage clients to have these sessions photographed at the studio as it’s so much more convenient for cleaning than to work on location.  We provide the space and clean up the mess at the end as well as providing baby wash and towels and a deep sink for washing your little one should the smashing get that involved.  Our clients provide the smash cake, balloons and any other birthday decor they wish to be included in the session.


I don’t need a full hour for my session, will you do a mini session for less?

– At this time, to keep things as economical and streamlined as possible, we offer one session length with 5 images delivered.  You are more than welcome to abbreviate your session if you wish, but we are not able to offer an abbreviated price.  One of the benefits of working with a custom photographer is taking the time to create something special and unique to commemorate this moment in your child’s life.  We encourage you to take advantage of the full session experience and everything wonderful we’ll create!