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You’ve got to trust us!

You’ve have a baby on the way and you know you want to preserve every moment possible… one of your firstView full post »

Daddy can help, too! #1

Well, it took two people to get pregnant, and it takes 2 to care for a baby.  Even if you are going to be a stay atView full post »

Helping the sibs get ready for baby!

So the new baby coming isn’t your first… you’re an old pro, right?  We’ll the first time aroundView full post »

Why is my baby crying?

I’ve been there, I know.  Cooper cried for the first 10 weeks of his life with out taking a breath.  There areView full post »

Pack that Labor Bag, Sister!

Don’t get caught with your pants down!  You’ll need to get started early in packing for the hospital.  YouView full post »

Cincinnati Newborn Photographer, Cincinnati Baby Photography

What? You shouldn’t drink when your pregnant?

Okay, so not drinking during pregnancy may be a non-issue for most pregnant women… But let’s be honest,View full post »